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I signed a contract with Vocus that had three specific pay dates, could not have been more clear how payment were to be made. I gave them a debit card for the first payment and was offered a pre-authorization form to sign for the second and third, i declined and never signed it, payments would be taken over the phone when due.

About 10 days prior to the second payments being due, Vocus ran my debit card for about $2100 and caused havoc in my bank account, overdraft fees, returned payment from other people that should have been paid, etc. They immediately apologized, swore it is not their practice to let financial info get passed to other employees and that the info would be shreded. I was angry and expressed how uncomfortable I was with this relationship but made my second payment as agreed in my contract. Then just two weeks after that another employee at Vocus tried to run my debit card for $4500!

My bank thankfully rejected it. Now this was only 6 weeks into the subscriptions and the entire payment issue consumed a lot more time than I even used the program. At that time I told them I feel completely uncomfortable doing business with them, please refund and part was amicably. My bank gave me the option to pursue fraud charges and i declined.

Now Vocus refuses to give back any money and sent me a bully letter for the balance. Their stance has been "we are a publicly traded company, we don't give refunds" I have tried to work out something rather than pursue legally but they are not responsive. This is not a relationship i wish to continue and i think I have enough cause to be reasonable asking for a refund, i do not trust this company and they breached the terms, not to mentioned many banking regulations, not me. I gave my card to one salesperson in the company and three different people have tried to run it weeks before payments are due.

The theory being that people will just angry but simply accept it. If my company ever did this to anyone I would not expect them to want to do business and would be glad to try and save some face and refund them and go upon and beyond to win them back. They have no place in the small business community.

I sent them all back up, contract, emails, bank records, the apologies for the first instance. They do not care, they have my money and they are keeping and and sent a demand letter for the balance and I have not logged into the program because all of this started just weeks after signing.

Monetary Loss: $5434.

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