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Having only 5 complaints for a company the size of Vocus is quite impressive. Especially when considering these are most likely to be from one of the many competitors Vocus has, spanning across digital marketing and PR.

There are thousands of success stories out there to counter all of these rather strange comments. I'm sure not all companies have found great success working with Vocus, and perhaps one of the complaints is a genuine customer to didn't see the sales they were hoping for. Vocus gives you the tools and distribution network to achieve great things, but like anything in life it is certainly not a given.

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Sure you are the same scamer sales rep who stold my $4,000.00

to Engrybird Bethesda, Maryland, United States #831378

If your plan is to spend $4,000 on PR/marketing for an entire year-- you really need to re-think your business and it's importance.

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